Saturday, April 30, 2016

Blogger Has Died

Dear friends, fans, and followers.

For the past few months my blog has been overrun with errors, making changes very difficult (if not impossible).
On numerous occasions I've attempted to reset my blogger template, install a new templates, and even restore from an older version but I'm still unable to add or remove specific content from my blogs template. The initial problematic area was the blog post section which refuses to accept any changes or alterations to the date, author, title or social media links. I have suffered through this problem, but as of late it appears that the layout is now no longer accepting changes, and when displayed is no longer centered.
If anyone has suggestions on how to fix these blogger issues, please email me.

As a result, I will no longer be updating, as its too difficult maintain this blog.

Friday, March 11, 2016

GeekBox, The OUYA Replacement

For the time being, the OUYA remains my primary set-top streaming device. While the firmware and Kodi upgrades, documented back in December 2015, have allowed this device to remain somewhat relevant. It's no longer being sold through its website, or on Amazon, or in retail Target stores, so getting your hands on one is becoming impossible. With the OUYA's decreasing life expectancy, and limited availability, it's time to find a replacement set-top streaming device.
After reading specifications from numerous devices, comments from forums, and documentation manuals I've come to the decision that the GeekBox, will be the replacement device I'll be using once the OUYA is no more.
Why did I go with the GeekBox?

It has a high performance Octo-Core CPU

The RK3368 is an Octa Core 64bit, ARM Cortex-A53 processor with PowerVR G6110 graphics chip, 28nm processing design, Support OPENGL ES 3.1. RK3368 with super video capabilities, 4K×2K, H.265 and HDMI 2.0@60Hz output support.

It's dual boot Android and Linux

Pre-installed Android & Ubuntu Dual OS, a hot key switches between Android & Ubuntu.(You can also install Android–based Light Biz OS)

It's compact and portable 

Light as feather, Geekbox is portable enough for you to jam in the pocket and carry on the go. Delicate as diamond, Geekbox is coated by a streamlined outline and exquisite angular shell and looks really cool.

It's Expandable 

You can connect GeekBox to the GeekBox Landingship via MXM3 interface to turn the former into a development board. And connect any compatible device to GeekBox MXM3 interface to turn the former into a smart one in the future. Such as a display(digital photo frames), router(upload and download files without internet), projector(smart projector), etc.

It comes with Kodi pre-installed

No need to fuse with finding and installing Kodi, as its already in there.


At the time of posting the price is $109.99 US, which is about the same price the OUYA was when it was introduced. Unfortunately the Canadian dollar isn't what it used to be so this will probably cost us Canadians somewhere in the $150 CDN range. Thats about $25 CDN more than the OUYA.

If your interested in getting a GeekBox, then clicking the link below and using the promo code 10geekbox will get an addition $10US savings.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

COV Senior Management, Should Not Wear Pink

While the rest of the city, province and nation prepares to advocate for anti bullying, it would seem Vancouver city staff will proudly continue to wear pink, without knowing what it means. It wasn't that long ago, perhaps two years ago now, when  I, as the President of Hastings community centre, was bullied by Vancouver's Parks Board senior management demanding I sign over all assets owned by the non-profit, registered charity, made up of local community members. An community association that had spent the last 80 years working alongside the city of Vancouver to provide affordable programming and service to residents of the Hastings-Sunrise community. If we, the association,  refused to cooperate in handing over all our assets we would be evicted and then sued. Parks Board senior management, taking orders from the city manager, have wasted countless taxpayers dollars in their efforts to fleece various communities out of their well earned assets. Thankfully a judge quickly put an end to this bullying tactic of divide and conquer, but that has only seemed to slow down city of Vancouver staff. More recently the city of Vancouver staff turned their attention towards a former Parks Board manager, who, coincidentally was hired as a consultant by the very same association who were embroiled in a legal assets battle with the city. This former civic employee, turned consultant, was allegedly accused of inappropriate conduct. Taking it upon themselves senior management at the city of Vancouver managed to botch up the investigation, lose video evidence and then pronounce themselves judge, jury and executioner over this individuals fate. How convenient that the main consultant leading the legal battle against the city, was now, if you believe the city, involved in some scandal. In my opinion it seems like the city was tired of losing their case against the association in court, and began fabricating stories to harass and bully those assisting the associations.
It unfortunate their aren't more coming forward to wear pink and protest against the city of Vancouver's bullying of the community centre associations.

For more information about the recent defamation lawsuit against the city of Vancouver you can visit here and here.

Friday, February 5, 2016

The World Is Flat: Ohio, USA (RIP Dave Mirra)

The BMX Flatland community lost one of it's legends this week.
Here is a clips in memory of the great Dave Mirra, his expert run in 1988. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2005 Yamaha BWS: Strip Down

Just a little update on the Bug-eye's current state and condition. It's sitting in the garage being slowly disassembled. Most of the rear end has been removed, beginning with the seat, fairings, tail light, turn signals, wheel, and engine.  

I ran into issues removing the front fairings which I will document in an upcoming post. Until then I hope these pictures will tie all of you over until then.