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Ad: Panasonic

Here is a great marketing campaign from Panasonic , where they assemble a package of headphones, to resemble a musical note. Brilliant I say, and once again, another clever advertisement coming from Europe. Why is it that I come across so many good advertisements from Europe?  Via OhGizmo!  

Now Is Memory Made?

For all of you out there that had ever wondered "where does memory come from" well now through modern advances in photography we can show you. Had a nice little chuckle after seeing this article , and I just had to repost it here. Hope this hasn't offended anyone! Via -  TechEBlog

Space Invaders Couch

I just love the concept behind this space invaders couch. Designed by Igor Chak  this couch doesn't actually exist yet, but he's looking for investors. Maybe someone, with deep pockets, reading this might want to commission a few. It would look great next to my arcade machines (hint hint). Via -  Slashgear   Via -  LikeCool


While not one of my  favourite  movies, The Goonies  has a cult like following. Its 25th Anniversary release offers  special packaging, an included board game, original storyboard reproductions, a 1985 souvenir magazine reprint, a reprint of a 2009 Empire magazine article with cast photos and updates, and cast commentary with Richard Donner and all seven principle actors.  The Goonies (25th Anniversary Collector's Edition) on Amazon. Via -  Uncrate

Jersey Shore and DC Universe?

Well I came across these 3 3/4 inch, vinyl figures made by Funko the other day. Didn't think much about them other than they look cool. So I decide to check out the Funko site. I had never heard of Funko, but beside vinyl figures they also make plush figures, and bobble heads. But not just any bobble heads, Fist pumping "Jersey Shore" talking bobble heads! If you think these are interesting then hit the site for more comic, movie, tv inspired products. Via - NerdApproved

Vacation Excitement

As I mentioned its a long weekend here in Vancouver. Unfortunately the Canadian Ministry of Transportation has shut down sales of these controversial suitcase stickers in Canada. I was hoping to promote our civic holiday and some local entrepreneurs , but unfortunately thats not gonna happen now. I originally came across these on July 21, 2010 and was waiting for the next holiday to post them. Well I'm posting them now, sorry if anyone missed out. Via -  Geekologie  

Ad: Vodafone

I'm a pretty big F1 Fan, so for me this Vodafone commercial is just awesome. My only complaint is that they didn't make this video while sponsoring Ferrari . How cool would this video be with  Michael Schumacher  and  Rubens Barrichello ?  This video would have been really funny if they referenced the 2002 team orders scandal. I can visualize it now, Rubens starts assembling the car as Michael talks on the phone. Only to have Michael steps in to attach the final piece. With the Hungarian GP on Sunday, and a renewed team orders controversy, this little video sets a good pace. Via -  SnotR

Entourage and Jetsetting

It seems that it wasn't enough to cramp Turtles style, with product placement, while he was trying to hook up with Alex on this weeks episode of Entourage.  With the help of Ken Austin, Executive Vice Chairman of Marquis Jet , Tequila Avion is being launched in the US. They're clientèle of choice, obviously the wealthy jet set elite. They don't seem to have any Canadian distributors as of yet, just New York and Californa. Via -  Luxist

Bruce Lee: Enter The Dragon

Ok, so I might not understand action figures. Don't get me wrong, I can understand wanting to collect something nostalgic, but why in the form of action figures? Anyways according to ( Toy News International ) this latest Bruce Lee release, celebrates his 70th anniversary. This is the first 1/6 scale action figure ever made of quite possibly the worlds first mixed martial artist. Now if "Enter the Dragon" was released in 1973, how do they come up with it being a 70th anniversary release? It's actually Bruce Lee's 70th birthday, for those conspiracy theorists out there. Well anyways these things look awesome. Their made by Hot Toys . Via -  Toy News International

Ad: Pilot - Bad To The Bone

I want to start out with what I think is brilliant marketing plan. The Grey Group (Barcelona), which is a marketing firm representing some huge companies, have launched a viral advertising campaign on behalf of Pilot Pen . They have taken the companies Pilot Extra Fine pens and inked a few Lego min figures. Via - UFunk