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Tramp Park

Sorry but contrary to the above picture this post is not going to have anything to do with tramp stamps, or parks where you find people with them. Instead its about a new trampoline parks opening called the House Of Air . Opening September 15, 2010 this indoor facility will offer workout, training, and family fitness classes. They also offer rentals for birthday parties and corporate/large group events. Indoor tramp parks are often used by gymnasts and extreme sports athletes during the off season, to perfect routines and choreography. Above are some rendered pictures of what The House Of Air will look like. Below I have some video clips demonstrating some trampoline action from other tramp parks. Via - The Awesomer

Extreme Scootering

Back in the 80's I rode BMX, and just loved ramp riding. I'm not saying I was any good, just enjoyed it. I still have a few BMX's laying around the garage, and occasionally I'll take them out and do some dirt jumping or hit the local skate park. So when I saw this article on 'The Awesomer'  I felt kinda bad that I had missed out on the whole scooter craze. So looks like I'm going to have to live vicariously through these videos. Via - The Awesomer

Ad: Cadbury

Cadbury has come out with a new product called Tumbles. I haven't been able to find anything out about these except they have a cool rube goldberg commercial, and that they're round. After checking out this video check out my other post about Rube Goldberg Machines . Via - Ads of the World

Rube Goldberg Machines

Over the years I've seen so many rube goldberg videos on the internet, I figured I should have a post that shows all the best. A rube goldberg machine is a deliberately over-engineered machine that performs simple tasks in a very complex fashion, usually involving a chain reaction. Named after Reuben Lucious Goldberg, an american cartoonist and inventor famous for his cartoons illustrating complex devices that do simple tasks. Let me know which you think is the best, also if you know of any I may have missed let me know. Well here are the fruits of my labour for all to enjoy! 'Cog' by Honda Chaos in the print shop Cocktail Machine Creme That Egg Fire

Nice Car (Wink)

Ok so when I saw these I thought it was a joke, no offense intended, I just thought it was concept design or a one off. But I was wrong and they are real, they're call 'Car Lashes' and they're made by Turbo Styling Products Llc . The car lashes cost $24.99(US) + s/h for a pair and you can get crystal car eyeliner for an added $19.99(US) + s/h. They  have their own Facebook page with lots of customer submitted pictures.  Via Geekologie

Ad: Today Condoms

Came across these two print ads from Bogota, Columbia by the McCann Erickson advertising agency. The ads are for Today Condoms , their spermicide and long lasting condoms. Via Ads of the World

Protect Your Cap

Are you like Turtle and have tons of caps? Have you tried packing your caps in luggage for a trip? Well you know it doesn't work well and you probably end up creasing the rim. Yeah I've had it happen, and it sucks. Well New Era  has a solution and it's called Cap Carrier and it comes in 2,6, and 24 cap capacity.  I know I reference Entourage a lot, mostly Turtle, but hey I like the show.  Via Uncrate

Let There Be Light

The LightCap200 is a water bottle cap, with 4 built in white LED lights, a NiMH battery, and solar charger. This product transforms any standard water bottles (2" wide mouth) into a portable lantern. Now the LightCap300 has all the features as the LightCap200 but it has an extra red LED (night light), the cap is 50% larger, and it comes with its own 1L bottle. Both products are made by Sollight  and the retail for $24.95(US) + s/h and $29.95(US) + s/h respectively. This would be great for cycling, hiking, camping or whenever you might get caught out in the dark. Place matches, bandages, cell phone, inside to keep them dry from them elements when going to the beach or boating and still have a flashlight for emergencies.  Via

Ad: Strongbow

Go on over to Strongbow and take a sip of their virtual cider, and win. There are about 144,000 sips left and 16 6 packs to win. All the big prizes already claimed, sorry I posted this too late. Via Geekologie

The Future OF Transportation

What do you get when you cross a motorcycle with a segway... The Future Of Transportation The prototype II (PTII) developed by Ryno Motors , is a self balancing electric unicycle, being marketed with the short distance commuter in mind. They're based out of Portland but are testing in Vancouver? (if anyone sees this on the streets and let me know) There is a great write up about the company in the Vancouver Business Journal . I could go on but actions speak louder than words so here you go. Want some videos... You can also check them out on Facebook Via LikeCool

Ad: Lay's

The second ad is from Juniper Park . The concept behind this ad is to show the dedication to detail, and craftsmanship, the same dedication and detail that goes into creating these kettle cooked chips. Find It On Amazon Via Ads of the World

Ad: Heinz

Got a few clever billboard ads today, the first ad is from  Shalmor Avnon Amichay Yand R Interactive . They created this advertisement in Tel Avi v, Israel for the launch of Heinz Hot and Spicy ketchup. Find it on Amazon Via Ads of the World


Do you have a  web enabled cell phone? How about a laptop and a desktop computer? Maybe you use more than one computer like at work or at home? Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions, I got one more question, how do you keep track of your bookmarks? Wouldn't it be cool if you could save your bookmarks on your home computer and have your cell phone bookmarks automatically be updated. Or maybe you'r at work and want to show your co-worker a cool site you saw at home, like, and wish there was some way to access your home computers bookmarks. Xmarks is your solution! I've been using Xmarks since it used to be called Foxmarks (2006), back then it only worked with Firefox. Now Xmarks has successfully been ported to all the major browser, so I thought it was time to let everyone in on this great little secret. Xmarks is the first thing I install on my system after my anti-virus. Still not convinced you should get Xmarks? Another awesome feature of

Ad: BZgA

A great HIV Prevention ad campaign for BZGA , from  Zeitsprun Commercial  of Germany. Via AdsoftheWorld

The Only Time To Get Behind The Wheel While Drinking

Are you a petrol head? Do you love cars? Maybe you have a car you love so much that all it does is sit around. Well CraftLine's  'car bar' may just be the solution. The car bar takes any car and converts into a functioning bar, their specialties are the RX-8 which goes for about $90,000(US). So call over your friends and let the good times roll... CraftLine also offers a converted gas pump, which dispenses beer instead of gasoline. Maybe you prefer to listen to music instead of drinking, well they have a 100 watt Sony stereo system for you. Via LuxuryLaunches

Ad: Bounty

Here's a clever ad from Publicis USA , featuring the famous Reverend RUN from RUNDMC. The songs call White Gloves, and it features the Paper Towel Gang. Via AdsoftheWorld

Ad: WWE + Burger King

WWE has announced that they have  teamed up with Burger King Corp. for an in-store promotion starting August 23 through to September 12. WWE superstars John Cena, Triple H, and The Undertaker, along with their respective catch phrases and entrance music, will be featured as exclusive plush toys inside BK kids meals. A new superstar will be available each week for the three week promotion. 7000 US locations have been selected for this promotion and 3000 international locations (Mexico,Germany,Spain, and the UK). Looks like we're not getting these bad boys up here in Canada. So if your a huge WWE fan looks like your gonna have to take a few trips south of the border this summer. Via ToyNewsInternational

Android Plays With Apple

iPhoDroid is a piece of software that installs onto an iPhone, and allows it to run the Android operating system. Another interesting thing about iPhoDroid is that it keeps the iPhone operating system completely intact, safe and operational. Since I don't have an iPhone (hint hint mr. Jobs), I can't try this out, so someone let me know if they get around to trying this out. I have a video below showing the process, so head on over to iPhoDroid  and give it a try. Via Geeky-Gadgets

Yo, Yo, Yo, Canadian Takes Worlds

His name is Jensen Kimmitt , a Canadian hailing from Edmonton, who is the 2010 World Yo-Yo contest champion. He uses a yo-yo called the Northstar, made by Yo-Yo Factory , it sells for about $40(CDN) . Check out his video below, I added a few other videos, they're mind blowing. Via

Bringing The 80's Back

Here is a cellular phone that RUN-DMC could wear around their necks, and it would make even Flavor Flav jealous. Not too sure if this is a real product or not, most of the information about this is in Chinese. From what I've been able to gather this phone is a joint effort by Addidas and Shanzhai. Availability, Price, Features all unknown, so if anyone can get me more information that would be great. Here are some more pictures. Via TheUberReview

Alcohol Infused Whipping Cream

CREAM is 15% alcohol, by volume (30 proof), infused whipped cream product available in various flavours. A uniquely adult twist on the tradition dessert topping, drink toppings, or wherever you require a little extra pizazz. Currently there are no retailers in Canada, however it is available online ($40 US minimum order) but I doubt it would cross customs. Each 347ml can retails for $9.99(US) and you can get recipes from their website . Via Cool Huntng

Ad: Sapporo

Sapporo beer is sending some lucky winner to Tokyo, Japan. The lucky winner, and a guest, get $1000(CDN) spending money, economy flight, and 6 nights accommodations. So whats cool about this contest, is the point and click adventure game you need to play in order to qualify. It's a clever advertising campaign the explains all about the beer, so if you got a few extra minutes, go have a play and who knows you might win a trip to Japan. Via  Adsoftheworld