Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let There Be Light

The LightCap200 is a water bottle cap, with 4 built in white LED lights, a NiMH battery, and solar charger. This product transforms any standard water bottles (2" wide mouth) into a portable lantern. Now the LightCap300 has all the features as the LightCap200 but it has an extra red LED (night light), the cap is 50% larger, and it comes with its own 1L bottle. Both products are made by Sollight and the retail for $24.95(US) + s/h and $29.95(US) + s/h respectively. This would be great for cycling, hiking, camping or whenever you might get caught out in the dark. Place matches, bandages, cell phone, inside to keep them dry from them elements when going to the beach or boating and still have a flashlight for emergencies. 


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