Friday, August 6, 2010

Split Water Bottle

It's called the ALEX Bottle, and it features a surprising twist, literally. This bottle unscrews from the center using clean seam technology. This new design concept has resulted in a few advantages over traditional water bottle designs. 
  1. Cleaning - It's much easier to clean, simply unscrew the two halves and wash out.
  2. Storage - Open, invert, and twist lock back in place. Takes up half the space.
  3. Size - Mix and match for different size combinations (20,26, or 32 ounces)
  4. Capacity - Adding ice just got easier, but maybe you want to a place to hide your valuables instead.

Available online for pre-order $29.95(US) for 32oz and $25.95(US) for 20oz. Pre-order sales get a 10% discount.


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