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Golf Mug

The Golf Putter Coffee Mug Here is a great novelty gift for that golfer that has everything, a coffee mug with putter stirrer. This makes for a great early morning distraction while sipping coffee and sifting through emails at the office. At $29.99 (US) + s/h it's definitely not the cheapest coffee mug around. Via - LikeCool

Ad: Kia Has Golf Soul

I'm showing all the golfers out there a little love today. Here is a new TV ad for the Kia Soul starring golf great Michelle Wie . Via - Ads of the World :

Jooze Juice Boxes

Jooze Juice Boxes Although a fictional company and product, the Jooze juice box conceptual design, by Australian student Yunyeen Yong, is a clever and fun way to promote juice boxes for children.  Sure does beat the the generic looking Super Socco fruit drink I used to have as a kid, how many of you remember that? Via - GivmoDiva

F1 2010 Takes Pole Position

The number one video game in the world! Being somewhat of a huge F1 fan, It was great reading about the success of the F1 video game. This week F1 (2010), became the highest selling video game in the world. Clinching the pole position by beating out some pretty stiff competition like Halo:Reach and Dead Rising 2. Made by Codemasters, who are one of the best racing simulation developers in the world, you can see why they have had so much success. I'm not much of a gamer anymore but this definitely like something worth trying out. Via - Geeky Gadgets

3 Wheelers: Part 4 - MP3 500

The Piaggio MP3 500 Since 1882, the Piaggio Group, has established itself a leader in the two-wheeled vehicle market, becoming the largest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles in Europe. With names such as Aprillia , Vespa , Moto Guzzi , Gilera , and Derbi  in its stables its easy to see the Piaggio  pedigree. The Piaggio MP3 500 seems to take its design ideas from a scooter, rather than a sports bike like many of the other 3-wheelers I've discussed. Available in a sports model and a touring model, both models are virtually the same in all aspects except minor styling changes. Suggested price for either model is $10,495 (CDN) and Canadians can look up a local dealer here  (Unfortunately Piaggio doesn't have a universal dealer lookup or I would have listed it).  Now on to the good stuff.. (Above Video: bag of milk? must be Canadian eh?)

3 Wheelers: Part 3 - GX3

Unfortunately for us the Volkswagon GX3 never became a reality. A 2006 concept car who's proverbial plug was pulled in 2008, due to liability issues regarding safety concerns.  Its seems every year rumors begin popping up suggesting a return to this project . However in 2009, chief designer of the VW GX3, Derek Jenkins, had left Volkswagen to be the director of design for Mazda. Target price for the VW GX3 was to be $17,000(US). Sorry no real videos of this just a lame promo video I didn't feel was worth posting, but I do have pictures...

3 Wheelers: Part 2 - T-Rexx

The 2010 Campagna (Go Canada) T-Rex I just love the looks of this machine! My first introduction to the T-Rex, was while it was doing recurring roles along side Rob Dyrdek on MTV's Fantasy Factory in 2009. Similar to the Can-Am Spyder, the Campagna T-Rex is also made in Canada and comes in two distinct models the T-Rex 14RR being the sports model and the T-Rex 14R being the touring model. T-Rexx 14R T-Rexx 14RR The sport model T-Rex 14r has a base price starting in at $53,999(CDN) in your choice of black, blue, silver, or red. For an added $1,750(CDN) you can request the pearl white paint or spring for the $3,500(CDN) energy orange. Of course the matching suitcases,chrome package,wind deflector, protective soft cover, ground shipping, and taxes are all extra. (OUCH!, looks like i can scratch that off my Christmas list).  The touring model T-Rex 14RR has a base price of $58,500(CDN) and is available in red, green, or silver. Extra cost items for this model includes matching suitcas

3 Wheelers: Part 1 - Spyder

New for 2011 Can-Am brings out the Spyder-RT and Spyder-RS. Made by Bombardier (Go Canada) these two models are basically identical in specifications, the difference being that the RT appears to represent a touring model and the RS appears to represent sports model. Can-Am Spyder-RS 2011 Can-Am Spyder-RT (2011)  The 2010 Spyder-RS has a base price of about $19,299(CDN), while the 2010 Spyder-RT has a base price of $24.499(CND). They are available locally at Richmond Motorsports  or Greater Vancouver Powersports . For those visiting from elsewhere around the world click here  to find a dealer near you or get a personalized quote by clicking here . I was hoping to find some cool videos of this but I couldn't find much. Via - The Awesomer