Monday, September 27, 2010

3 Wheelers: Part 1 - Spyder

New for 2011 Can-Am brings out the Spyder-RT and Spyder-RS.

Made by Bombardier (Go Canada) these two models are basically identical in specifications, the difference being that the RT appears to represent a touring model and the RS appears to represent sports model.

Can-Am Spyder-RS 2011
Can-Am Spyder-RT (2011)
 The 2010 Spyder-RS has a base price of about $19,299(CDN), while the 2010 Spyder-RT has a base price of $24.499(CND). They are available locally at Richmond Motorsports or Greater Vancouver Powersports. For those visiting from elsewhere around the world click here to find a dealer near you or get a personalized quote by clicking here.
I was hoping to find some cool videos of this but I couldn't find much.


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