Monday, September 27, 2010

3 Wheelers: Part 2 - T-Rexx

The 2010 Campagna (Go Canada) T-Rex

I just love the looks of this machine! My first introduction to the T-Rex, was while it was doing recurring roles along side Rob Dyrdek on MTV's Fantasy Factory in 2009.

Similar to the Can-Am Spyder, the Campagna T-Rex is also made in Canada and comes in two distinct models the T-Rex 14RR being the sports model and the T-Rex 14R being the touring model.

T-Rexx 14R

T-Rexx 14RR

The sport model T-Rex 14r has a base price starting in at $53,999(CDN) in your choice of black, blue, silver, or red. For an added $1,750(CDN) you can request the pearl white paint or spring for the $3,500(CDN) energy orange. Of course the matching suitcases,chrome package,wind deflector, protective soft cover, ground shipping, and taxes are all extra. (OUCH!, looks like i can scratch that off my Christmas list). 

The touring model T-Rex 14RR has a base price of $58,500(CDN) and is available in red, green, or silver. Extra cost items for this model includes matching suitcases, wind deflector, protective soft cover, ground shipping and taxes.

If your interested in contacting a dealer near you here is the link. While researching this post I discovered Aero3s, which builds after-market components and upgrades for the T-Rex check them out. 
Now on to the videos...


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