Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ad: Voyages-SNCF

Voyages-SNCF is an online travel agency in France. Their web site gets about 800,000 hits a day and over 10 million hits per month. In 2009 they sold over 55 million train tickets making them a major player in e-commerce market in France. 
With their customers in mind Voyages-SNCF, embarked on a new ad campaign 'Further Than You Imagined'. The new slogan was followed by a revamped website, which would simplify customer travel experiences through a series of questions.
 On August 30, 2010 Voyages-SNCF set out on demonstrating their loyalty to it's customers, armed with data collected from their website, they choose 6 individuals and decided to express their gratitude. Have a look at what happened. (French)
(21:14) Silvie - The Heavy Metal Fan
(16:15) Fabien - The Single Guy
(12:40) Gabrielle - The Romantic
(19:00) Aurelien - The Kung-Fu Fan
(14:30) Jade - 5 years old
(14:30) Jenna - 18 months old


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