Saturday, September 18, 2010

Game Room Flair

Atari Wall Decals
 80's arcade games, don't you just miss the simplicity of Pong, Centipede and Asteroids. Well if you've got a spare wall thats needs a little sprucing up then I may just have the perfect solution.
Atari Wall Decals are vinyl decals that will make any flat surface look like your favorite 80's arcade game.

Asteroids comes with 65 re-usable decals ranging in size from 4" to 20"
Black design on clear background

Centipede comes with 97 re-usable decals
4" centipede segments and varying mushroom sizes

Pong comes with 50 non re-usable decals
30 2" center decals
10 12" numbers
4 6" paddles

If your interested in picking up a set they're gonna cost you between $34.99(US)-$44.99(US) plus the usual shipping and handling charges. 
You can get them here
Atari Wall Decals


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