Sunday, September 5, 2010

iPad Case

Anyone following my blog own an Ipad? According to the statistics from my host it would seem I have a few loyal safari users, so I'm wondering if any of your are rockin' an iPad. If so you'll love today's product, it's the ZooGue iPad Smart Case. What's great about this case is that besides protecting your investment from the elements, it also doubles as a stand. Using a special velcro design you can adjust your iPad to any angle, a great feature when wanting to sit back and watch a video or two. Maybe you're travelling and want to have a picture of a loved one next to you while you sleep.

Whatever use you find for your iPad, why not make the most of it with this case. You can find the case here selling for $39.99(US), o but I almost forgot check out the video, it's got a cool soundtrack.


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