Monday, September 13, 2010

Level Up! Gaming Towers

I want to start out by saying this is the best name for a console peripherals company ever 'LevelUpGear' how totally appropriate. 

So it seems my best gaming days are behind me, even though I have a few consoles, I rarely find myself using them anymore...until Fable3 comes out, but thats another post. If your a hardcore gamer with lots of gaming gear that needs organization then keep reading.

The LevelUpGear website doesn't come online until October so its really difficult finding out anything about their products. I did manage to find some new products at ToyRUs that looks incredibly similar going by the name 'Slam Brands'. Well aren't they tricky? Here are some pictures I found...
Gaming Storage Tower Black (Xbox360)
 Gaming Storage Tower White (Xbox360)
Gaming Storage Tower Black (Wii)
   Universal Gaming Storage Tower Black
 Gaming Storage Tray Black (Xbox360)
 Gaming Storage Tray Black (PS2/PS3)
 Gaming Storage Tray White (Wii)


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