Monday, September 6, 2010

More Marshmallows

Today's earlier post featuring the site Howtoons, focused on their article on building a marshmallow shooter. This post is all about the marshmallows.

Straight from Ghostbusters headquarters comes Stay Puft marshmallows. That's right Ghostbusters the movie has officially licensed the Stay Puft name to a marshmallow producer. But these aren't just regular marshmallows with a clever name, nope they're caffeinated gourmet marshmallows. 
Each piece of this gourmet treat is going to hit you with over 100mg of caffeine. Coming with 16 pieces per box, once the treats are finished the rubbery box lasts as a reminder and movie souvenir. 
Unfortunately these things have been sold out, but are on backorder. If you can't resist the notion of having caffeinated marshmallows and the $19.99(US) a box price tag doesn't scare you away. Then click this link to sign up for email notification of when these marshmallows are available.


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