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Prest-O Change-O Ceiling Fan

The other day I went to help a friend of mine shop for a new ceiling fan. I mentioned this cool retractable blade design I had seen on the web, well lets just say my explanation would have been better with pictures. So I decided to make a post in case anyone else was interested.
For those of you who have high ceilings, and rarely even see your fan blades when you look up, then I doubt you would care about this product. However the rest of us, with low ceiling fans, are constantly staring at those stationary blades most of the year. Well Hunter Fan has designed a ceiling fan called the Fanless that has retractable blades, so when not in use they fold in and are hidden from sight.

Of course your going to pay a bit of a premium for this design, the 48" model has a MSRP of $559(US) which, can be found using their website, click here if interested.

Here are a few pictures and a video


  1. The only thing that I don't like about this product is the fact the blades are clear. When they get dusty they must be disgusting to look at!


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