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Happy Halloween

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween For those of you staying home to give out candy why not check out  AMC's Walking Dead season premier on tonight at 10/9c

Os Seminovos (The Seminovos)

From what I can gather from Google translate The Seminovos are a Brazilian  rock band with some pretty interesting videos. Even though I can't understand the lyrics, the videos tell the story and the bands got some pretty catchy tunes.  I came across their videos a few years ago and I'm ready to post them, however they may be considered distasteful to some. I'm recommending these as not be suitable for work, or younger viewers especially the last video. If your still reading well lets go... (Maybe some of my Portuguese speaking followers can make some comments)  Via - Os Seminovos Via - YesButNoButYes

Hells Angels Jewelry Lawsuit

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is suing fashion design house Alexander McQueen for trademark infringement. The lawsuit stems from certain items of jewelry being sold at Sak's Fifth Avenue, and having a strikingly similar resemblance to the HAMC's 'Deathhead' skull and wing logo. You be the judge... Original Copyright Image and the alleged infringements Most retailers have already removed these jewelry pieces from their websites. The rings were selling for $495(US) and the Clutch was selling for $2,325(US) Via - Luxist Via - TheRegister

Darth Vader Costume

Too late for this Halloween season, but on November 25, Christies auction house is set to auction off the original Darth Vader suit used in the movie 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back'.  The suit, consisting of helmet, mask, shoulder armor, and shin armor, is said to get somewhere between $250,000(US) and $365,000(US). So if you got the extra cash, looks like Christies has got the perfect Halloween costume for you. Via - LuxuryLaunches

Ferrari Theme Park Opens Today

Ferrari World Theme Park opens today in Abu Dhabi (UAE). A completely indoor complex claiming to have the fastest roller-coaster ever built reaching speeds of 240km/h. What better way to follow up their F1 victory in Korea than opening a theme park. With Abu Dhabi (UAE) hosting the next F1 race on Nov. 14, and Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) leading the drivers title, this looks to be an exciting F1 season finale for Ferrari. Via - Pursuitist

UFC by Jakks Pacific

3.75" UFC Action Figures by Jakks Pacific Starring Brock Lesner Lyoto Machida Georges St-Pierre BJ Penn Bas Rutten Anderson Silva Shogun Rua Randy Couture Via -

Daft Punk/Tron Teaser Video

Latest sneak peak from the upcoming Tron Movie, thanks to Daft Punk and Disney Via - LikeCool

Preview: Michael Jackson (Beat It)

The 1/6th scale, circa 1982, Michael Jackson collectible from Hot Toys  (warning: the link came up as malware, so use caution when visiting it).  So here is the breakdown Newly developed head sculpt with make-up Multi-layered stereoscopic curly hair sculpture Slim version of TrueType body with 38 points of articulation Approximately 30 cm tall Three (3) pairs of interchangeable palms including: One (1) pair of fists One (1) pair of relaxed palms One (1) pair of posing palms Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted Costume : One (1) orange-red jacket with zips and gold-color patches on shoulders as accessories One (1) blue-color patterned T-shirt  One (1) pair of black pants One (1) orange-color belt One (1) metal chain on waist One (1) pair of black shoes and white socks Accessory: Figure stand with Michael Jackson nameplate and Beat It title Should be available this Christmas season sometime, and the price isn't available yet Want more pictures... (Lots) Via - ToyNewsI.

Stormtrooper Bucket

Came across this article the other day, that described how someone needed a last minute Halloween costume, and decided to use a white bucket as their inspiration. The designers name is Jason Lau , and I think he did a pretty good job. If you want to see a close-up continue on... Via - Like Cool

8Bits: The Movie

I must be out of the loop! According to the 8Bits website, this movie premiered on September 15, 2010, and I just happened to stumble across it on SnotR. For those that remember the good old 8bit days, and even for those that don't, this movie shows how far computer animation/graphics have come. Anyways enough of me, continue on to check out this video... (if you can go 1080p and fullscreen) Via - Snotr

Romeo Ferraris: Corvette Z06

Italian automobile super tuner Romeo Ferraris takes on the Corvette Z06 for his latest endeavor. This project sees the Z06 transformed into an all carbon fiber super sports car with 667hp, a 0-100km/h time of 3.3 seconds and top speed of 340km/h.  Continue Reading (Warning lots of pictures and a video)... Via - Luxist