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Coffee Sippin Made Easy

The concept behind this clever idea by designer Youngdo Kim is to make a straw with coffee inside it. When you want a coffee you simply open the package and pour the coffee into water, stir, and start sipping.
 I quit drinking coffee about 8 months ago ( I still drink coffee occasionally, just not the 5-10 cups a day I used to drink) and thought how cool would this product be for those caffeine withdrawal moments. Keep this in a shirt pocket, or inside jacket pocket for just those emergencies (yes I was addicted to coffee, but I'm cured, really I am). 
But...isn't instant coffee the same thing? Flavored milk straws have been around for years here in Canada (lots of flavors too). 
I don't want to steal someones thunder here but I'm not all too convinced this is that clever a design after all. Well I'm a little reluctant now to show the video, but not that reluctant...
You be the judge


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