Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lego Head

It's October so you know I'm going to be posting all kinds of Halloween type stuff. Today as you can see is the infamous Lego mini-figurine replica head. I'm going to be posting instructions on how you can recreate this for yourself to use as a Halloween costume, how cool is that?
Ok, so if your still reading this then I guess your either really bored, or somewhat interested in the concept of being a Lego figure for Halloween. Check out some other people who have already given this a try...

Before I begin I want you to know it's gonna take about 15 sheets of paper to pull this creation off and lots of time. Other than that the concept is pretty straight forward.
  1. You're going to have to install the software, Pepakura, that enables you to print out the design. The software also acts like a set of instructions showing you where the pieces connect. You can get the software here!
  2. Once you have the software installed on your computer, you're going to need the Lego head files. The files come in two sizes (A4 European size paper) found here, and letter (US size) here. Save whichever file you choose to your computer and open it with Pepakura.
  3. Using Pepakura print out the 15 pages and start cutting and folding, good luck!


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