Friday, October 1, 2010

Pumpkin Carving: How To Instructions

Pumpkins are in season and Halloween is coming, so I'm deciding to post a whole bunch of jack-o-lantern carving templates. Every day for the next two weeks or so I'll be posting a different category of carving templates. 
This first post is going to give some basic instructions on how to use these templates. Your best bet when carving a pumpkin is to buy a carving kit like the one shown below. It will set you back $7.15(US) and you can order it from, or search around locally, I'm sure you'll find something.
If you can't find one of these kits you can improvise, by using various small screwdrivers and knives. Be patient and careful.

Here are the instructions on how to use the templates I will be posting
  1. Select the template you want to use
  2. Right click on the template and select "save image as..."
  3. Save the image somewhere on your computer (remember where)
  4. Find the image on your computer and print it out (this is your template)
  5. You may need to enlarge or shrink some of the templates to fit your paper or pumpkin
  6. Use toothpicks or tape to pin the template to your pumpkin
  7. Using something sharp and pointy (small screwdrivers work well), poke holes along the template outline
  8. Remove the template and using a knife connect all the holes (like playing connect the dots)
  9. Once you've connected the dots, you should be able to remove pumpkin pieces creating your design
It takes some getting used to but with some practice you'll be creating awesome Jack-o-Lanterns


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