Friday, October 15, 2010

Spooky Seas

To celebrate this years Halloween season, from October 16-31, pirates will be docking at the Vancouver Aquarium. 

Beware of skulls, bones & spine-chilling adventures with Spooky Seas!

The pirates have docked at the Vancouver Aquarium and have given you permission to come aboard and experience Halloween as you never have before. 

Get Spooked with Skulls, Teeth and Creeps of the Deep

Explore the Vancouver Aquarium’s exclusive Skulls, Bones and Creeps of the Deep exhibit in the Underwater Dolphin Gallery.
Learn about the predator-prey life cycle among some of the most infamous creatures from B.C.’s wild coast. Peer inside the jaw of great white shark, dare to get up close to the skull of a killer whale! Glimpse life sized skeletons of a Pacific white-sided dolphin, Stellar sea lion and a host of fascinating and spooky specimens.

Experience The Curse of Skull Rock in 4D

Board a pirate ship and get swept away in 4D with the film, The Curse of Skull Rock. Have your senses engaged with special effects such as wind, mist, the rumble of a pirate ship and dramatic lighting! Be prepared to sit on the edge of your seat as you follow this nautical tale of a band of pirates in search of cursed treasure. 
Showtimes: every hour on weekdays starting at 11:15 am and every half hour on the weekends starting at 10:45 am. Last show at 4:15pm (Weekdays and Weekends).

Pirates in the Gallery

On weekends, beware of the roving band of pirates with swashbuckling tales of ship wrecks of the B.C. Coast. And, go on a haunted scavenger hunt for your chance to win spooktacular treasure!


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