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Time Travel

Have you ever sat around with friends reminiscing about the good old days? For me it's usually after a few drinks and we're sitting around saying "Hey! remember that time...". Well thanks to Google and their YTTM (YouTube Time Machine), I don't need friends or drinks anymore, so if I stop calling, you know why.
There is no need for a tricked out DeLorean sporting the latest Flux Capacitor technology, nope just a browser and some bandwidth.
So the concept is simple, you type in a year and it brings up a YouTube clips from that year. 
It brings up random videos from that year, just like having an old friend bringing up embarrassing things you've done in the past.

Honestly I don't know why this wasn't done sooner, or why it's still in the alpha stages.
Hmmm... Maybe I should be doing YouTube videos of all the embarrassing stuff my friends have done...
...If you have ever considered me a friend I'd be worried


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