Monday, November 15, 2010

Dipr Is A Slam Dunk... Sort Of

For those of you who come to my site, and might not know me personally, I'm going to tell you a little about me. Rest assured it's nothing, too personal or crazy. One of my hobbies, if you can call it that, is volunteering in my community. I've been serving my community for over 15 years now, and currently I'm sitting as Vice President of the Hastings Community Association. I really take great pride in all the accomplishments me and my fellow volunteers have achieved. So why am I telling everyone this? Well, for starters I haven't gotten around to putting up a profile page. More importantly, considering the timeline, I'm hoping to help the inventor of the next product achieve the necessary funding to get his invention produced. I'm sure someone who might happen onto my blog, might be able to assist this individual. If you might be interested in helping this inventor check out this link with more information about donating. 

So what exactly is this invention, well it's called the Dipr

and it's used to do this

Got tons more photos' and a video...


  1. All you need a little picker at the tip so you can floss out the crumbs from between your teeth when you're done.