Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home Water Refilling Station

So, I've posted a bunch of articles over the past few months about water. Be it luxury water, water bottles (here and here), heck even water balloon fights but in my opinion, nothing comes close to this next product I'm going to blog about.

So just so people understand, I live in Vancouver, BC Canada, where my Government insists we have the cleanest drinkable tap water in the world. They are constantly discouraging us from drinking bottles water, so much so, that they have been considering a city wide ban of bottled water. Even with all that government pressure and preaching, I still found myself installing a whole house water filtration system, to ensure the cleanest drinking water from my taps. Which is great when I'm at home but when I go out cycling, I need to go through the minor inconvenience and slightly tedious process of refilling all my bottles, hydration packs, etc. 

Ok so by now I've probably hyped this next product beyond all possible expectations, and if so, I'm sorry, but honestly, thats how cool I think this is. Introducing...

The Filtrete Water Station by 3M and Ideo

It works in basically the same way as most home filtration jugs or canisters, but with the obvious difference that, this version fills individual/personal bottles, 4 of them at the same time to be exact. Using a special valve system the Filtrete can fill as little as 1 bottle at at time or as many as 4. According to the literature you can only use Filtrete bottles in their Station, and the ones that come in the kit have a handle that doubles as a leak proof lid. Word is that this product launched back in July through Walmart for $37.44(US), but after checking Walmarts Canadian website it doesn't list this product.

I think this product would be so much better if it could be permanently attach it to a tap. Being permanently installed allows the tap pressure to fill the bottles more quickly. It also prevents accidental spills while trying to fill the reservoir. Regardless I got a video and more pictures...


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