Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Itch Wall Art

So I don't have a cat, unless you count the neighbors cat that tries running into my house all the time, and so I don't know if this a good deal or not. But for $50(US) + s/h you can get this scratching post for cats that doubles as artwork. How cool is that? Well honestly it would be great for hobbits, elves, or maybe lilliputians, but seriously who wants to look at art down by their knees?

But wait there's more if you don't like the concept of wall art they also have the Itch with bracket for $75(US) + s/h  

If you want more pictures and information then keep reading...

The Itch comes in a choice of 4 colors

While the Itch with bracket also comes in 4 slightly different colors

Click on the appropriate link to get taken to a product detail and ordering information.


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