Thursday, November 18, 2010

Klhipping Your Nails

The folks over at Klhip have been hard at work redesigning the nail clipper.Their new nail clipper is being referred to as the most advanced, precise clipper available. So whats so special, you ask well, here is an exert from their website
  1. Superior Cutting Action: A falling rate cam makes cutting the thickest mails easy and normal nails effortless. A second cam lobe signals a complete cut with a crisp, solid stop.
  2. Better Ergonomics: With reverse engineering, you apply pressure directly over the nail your cutting. This creates a more comfortable grip and makes clipping easy
  3. Smooth Single Blade Cutting: Conventional double blades either dull each other or tear the nail. Klhip's single blade cuts so cleanly and precisely that filing isn't necessary. And this smooth action keeps clippings on-board instead of falling to the floor.
  4. Sleek Design, Quality Materials: Clean lines make Klhip easy on the eyes. And 17-4PH surgical stainless steel holds up to a lifetime of use.
Available for pre-order through their website the Klhip sells for $50(US) + s/h, or you can get the combination Khlip with leather travel case for $80(US) + s/h.  Orders are scheduled to begin shipping early December. Want to see a few more pics...



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