Monday, November 29, 2010

Retro Sticky Notes

Back in the early 90's, when the Amiga500 computer was in its glory, I must have had hundreds of 3.5" floppy disks. Today the 3.5" floppy disk is no longer being produced, but I still have about a dozen or so sitting on my desk in front of me. In reality they still offer some usefulness, when trying to update BIOS images for older motherboards or maybe some archaic driver installation but thats about it. Why I still have them is really beyond me, in the back of my mind I still have that nostalgic attachment to them I guess. Well for those of you whom have the same nostalgia to the floppy disk let me introduce you to the Floppy Disk Sticky Note. You get 3 pads of 50 sheets for about $12(CDN) + s/h, which seems kinda expensive, but you really can't put a price on nostalgia can you? Here's a few pics...


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