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Safely Recycle Expired Credit Cards

Ever wonder what to do with expired credit cards, bank cards, etc? You could always just chop them up and throw them out, if you can handle the guilty feeling of letting the environment down and adding to global warming. So if your worried about your carbon footprint, then I may just have found a better solution to all those plastic cards. It's call the Pick Punch, and it transforms your obsolete plastic cards into usable guitar picks. Now the only thing you need is some friends that are musicians, or find some local musically inclined busker's. 
This item has been sitting in my vault of great items for some time now, and unfortunately they are all out of stock now. They are however taking orders for the next batch so head on over to PickPunch and drop down your $24.95(US) +s/h to start doing your part for the environment. Like usual if you want to see more pictures and a nice video, well...


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Blogger Has Died

Dear friends, fans, and followers. For the past few months my blog has been overrun with errors, making changes very difficult (if not impossible). On numerous occasions I've attempted to reset my blogger template, install a new templates, and even restore from an older version but I'm still unable to add or remove specific content from my blogs template. The initial problematic area was the blog post section which refuses to accept any changes or alterations to the date, author, title or social media links. I have suffered through this problem, but as of late it appears that the layout is now no longer accepting changes, and when displayed is no longer centered. If anyone has suggestions on how to fix these blogger issues, please email me. As a result, I will no longer be updating, as its too difficult maintain this blog.

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