Friday, November 26, 2010

The Best Present A Kid Could Get

See that adorable kid, well thats me when I was about 4 years old. See that toy I'm posing with, that was my all-time favorite toy when I was a kid. All day long I would run up the the sidewalk and then race down finishing off each trip with a few 360's. I rode that thing until the plastic wheels worn through and created flat spots. Eventually becoming unrideable because of the worn wheels. I guess thats where I got my first taste of adrenaline.

Nowadays it seems like all the kids I see have motorized ride-on vehicles, which I guess are pretty cool, and definitely state of the art, but they don't seem that exciting. So to all you parents out there, do your kids a favor and get them one of the following toys.

The Big Wheel
Introduced in 1969 the Big Wheel went on to become one of the most popular toys through the 70's,80's, and 90's. In 2001, Empire Industries, manufacturer of the Big Wheel, was forced to close it's doors. The Big Wheel was no longer being produced, and couldn't be found on any store shelf.  Well someone has taken over the business of building Big Wheels and they're now available via this website, and even Amazon sells them now ($89.99 US +s/h)

Radio Flyer 79S Big Flyer
The model 79S Big Flyer from Radio Flyer, seems to be an updated version of the classic Big Wheel, offering  a performance grip tread on the front wheel. Available from their website or through Amazon, where it's significantly cheaper ($44.99 US + s/h). Also available in pink...

Huffy Green Machine 

Available in green and pink the Huffy Green Machine2 offers a 20" wheel in the front instead of the traditional 16" wheels found on the Big Wheel and Radio Flyer model 79S. Now after trying to find a website for this I was unsuccessful, but Amazon has them for $99.99 US +s/h.

Razor Rip Rider 360
The most modern of all the 3-wheeled cycles, the Rip-Rider 360 is made by Razor, a pioneer in the scooter industry. Available through major department store with a MSRP of $129.99 US, it's also available through Amazon for $79.99 + s/h. The addition of rear caster style wheels and a pneumatic front wheel allows this trike to due some serious 360's check out the video...


  1. these are fucking awesome i love big wheels