Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Topeak Bikamper

The Topeak Bikamper is a camping tent intended to shelter a single individual. Designed with cyclists in mind, the Bikamper utilizes a bicycle frame and front wheel instead of tent poles . The omission of tent poles results in a reduced overall weight, and smaller more compact carrying size both crucial items to consider when cycling. Click here to find a local retailer (there are lots of Topeak retailers in my area), if you can't find a dealer near you there is always Amazon selling them for $164.34(US) + s/h. 

 I've never been one to go on extended riding trips, at most I'll drive somewhere and spend a day riding always coming home at the end of that day. Most of my cycling is urban in nature, which generally consists of either a round trip from my house to Stanley Park ( about 30km), hitting the local skate parks ( Leeside, or Hastings), doing some dirt jumping at Taylor Park or maybe mountain-biking at SFU. My fondness for riding stems back to the good old eighties, and my love for BMX vert/flatland. (Now I keep getting asked to upload my old home videos from my early riding years, and I'm really going to try to get them uploaded some day)


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