Friday, December 3, 2010


Tee Locasone is a rapper from the 604 area code, my city...Vancouver, and he's got a new music video I want to share with everyone. Now before I get to showing the video, I'd like to warn everyone, that this video contains explicit lyrics and this isn't the normal stuff I usually put up on my site. So why am I posting this video, well not only is Tee-Loc from my city, but he's from my neighbourhood. In 2005, East Infection (Tee-Loc and Profe-C), Vic Vodka, PMan, Kanabliss and DJ151 preformed free live shows to help raise money for our local community centre, which I was president of. That same community centre is backdrop to some of the scenes in this new video and many of the artists I've mentioned make cameo appearances. Continue on to see the video...

** Update the video got pulled from youtube, but it's been re-uploaded **

Tee Locasone - 604% (Directed by Self Hired Productions) from Self Hired on Vimeo.

Much success to Tee-Loc and all the artists I've mentioned, who represent the 604 by way of EV.
RIP to all the brothers we've lost along the way, and let's FREE the rest.