Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ad: Symantec - The River

I'm sure most of my loyal viewers have realized by now, that I just love clever and unique advertising campaigns/strategies. Well this next entry is the complete opposite of that, and it's the kind of advertising I really hate. Initially I wasn't going to even post this ad, but I just had to bring everyones attention to what a horrible company this was, and what horrible products they produce. The company Symantec and their product, who the hell knows, all they do is put out crap. Now I normally don't like to bash products/ideas/companies, with the exception of my mild tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, but I can't help but hate everything this next video stands for. All this video does is create fear mongering, you know like it was back in 1999. Lets all take a moment to travel back to the year 1999, when the world was going to end because of the Y2K bug, remember that? Ten years later and we all survived that global catastrophe. Here, watch the video, I'll continue my rant afterwards...
Now I've been doing all my banking online since 1995, and I've purchased all kinds of goods over the internet. Be it apparel, bike parts, r/c gear, mobile phones, computer parts, arcade parts or software either direct from the manufacturer, via e-retailers, or even Ebay and every problem I've ever had, has been dealt with swiftly and with no costs to me, if I could only say the same for conventional brick and mortar vender's. Credit card companies go to great lengths to ensure the safety of your money while companies like PayPal, and Google Checkout have great conflict resolution mechanisms built into them so your satisfaction and safety are always the number one factor. I realize there may always be unscrupulous people out there trying to get ahead at the cost of others, but what we need is more awareness and knowledge, not fear mongering.
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