Monday, December 20, 2010

Commodore 64, Again...Really?

It seems every few years someone claims that the C-64 is getting re-released, and each time, I'm overcome with nostalgic images of years gone by. No matter how long I sit here reflecting back to simpler times eventually those memories fade, and in their place are eager feelings of excitement and curiosity. 

This time however, I can't see the point of re-introducing the world to the C-64, it just doesn't make any practical sense. Today's entry level smartphones outperform the C-64 in processing power, memory, graphics, and sound. What they should have done is built a USB/WiFi/Bluetooth keyboard modeled after the C-64, incorporating a HD docking station, Card Reader, or USB hub. Then add a USB flash drive with the C-64 operating system embedded on it, so you could boot it off the USB. That would be a much simpler and cheaper solution then trying to fit a modern computer into that old case. 

Even with a modern computer retrofitted into the system, I'm unaware of any existing software developers still creating titles for the C-64. Whats the point of a state of the art system running software thats almost 30 years old. 

With so many other interesting products and ideas out there, I'm lacking the time or energy to go investigate this product any further, but for those still interested head on over to Commodore USA and check out all the information. In typically mass-imo style I did snag all the graphically rendered mock-ups...


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