Sunday, December 26, 2010

CSN Stores $10 Giveaway Contest

If anyone is like me, you would much rather shop online in the comfort of your own home than the alternative.
Specially this time of year where you need to get dressed up in warm clothes, thaw out your vehicle before embarking on your journey through torrential weather while navigating a sea of other vehicles, only to find yourself praying to the mercy of the almighty parking Gods, then subjecting yourself to the impatient crowds as they wait in insanely long lineups at the checkouts. 

Besides my fondness for online shopping, I often find really unique items, and some incredible prices. So 
when I was asked to hold a contest by the friendly people at CSN Stores, offering the lucky winner a $10 promotional code for use on their next CSN Stores purchases, I was eager to host this contest for my blog visitors. Besides CSN Stores is a huge virtual shopping mall packed with everything from patio furniture, to kid’s toys, to leather messenger bags.
The contest is actually more of a treasure hunt, where you'll need to find the kind of messenger bag a Formula 1 fanatic, computer nerd, such as myself would want to buy. I'll give you all a hint: you can find it by clicking the link above and searching for something that looks like either of the pictures above. Once you've found either of the items email the SKU# to me here.
The contest is open only to those who are registered to this blog, or join the Facebook page.
Contest ends January 8, 2010, and the winner will be randomly selected from all the correctly answered email submissions.
Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


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