Thursday, December 2, 2010

Replenish Your Cleaning Supplies Environmentally

Did you know that household spray cleaners are mostly water. Just think of all the energy needed to transport all those bottle of spray cleaner, when it's mostly water. So wouldn't it be environmentally prudent of us to refill our spray cleaners, instead of just buying new ones. Well I must confess, I'm not the most environmentally conscious person. But you can easily see where the inspiration for 'Replenish' came from. Replenish is a simple and clever solution to the problem of re-using bottled spray cleaners. Replenish bottles are sold empty, and replaceable concentrate pods are sold full. Combining the Replenish bottle, with the concentrate pod, and the filling with water, you get a full ready to use bottle of spray cleaner. Each concentrate pod is good for 4 bottle re-fills, then a new concentrate pod will be needed, to continue re-using the same bottle. Your first Replenish bottle and concentrate pod will cost you $7.99(US) and replacement concentrate pods sell for $3.99(US) and are available through their website.


  1. As an environmentally conscious person myself, I would consider purchasing this item for my household, however, I wonder how good is its cleaning power. Too bad you couldn't test it our for us Mass.