Friday, January 7, 2011

Ad: McDonald's

The advertisement agency of Bernstein-Rein (USA), bring us two ambient-advertising campaigns promoting the infamous fast food chain, McDonald's. These aren't the best campaigns, but they are pretty clever. Check them out and I'll make my comments afterwards.

This is a pretty good concept and I'm sure many a laugh was had, at the expense of  some poor smoker, whom I'm sure would have been really mad seeing a bar full of matchbooks and no matches.

I really don't like this ad much, because I really hate when anyone puts things on my vehicle. Now if they attached a free meal coupon, then maybe. I wonder... If I went up to McDonald's, in the middle of the night, and plastered stickers promoting my business, all over their windows, how quick they would be to have me arrested for vandalism. Hmmm, yeah I really don't like this ad, but hey, it is clever, just too aggressive for my taste.


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