Monday, January 24, 2011

Hacked AppleTV Rocks XBMC

As many of you might know, I have a huge dislike for Apple, that stems back to my youth when I first started learning to program on an Apple II. Since those early days, my dislike has grown, but not because of their products, but more the companies hypocritical views. You see, in 1984, before many iPhone users were even born, Apple produced a TV commercial for Super Bowl XVIII. Their commercial 1984, was based on George Orwell`s novel 1984, which described a society that has degraded into a repressive and controlled state (ie Big Brother). Apple`s view was that their computers would empower people to break away from the conformity of the PC. As much as I love that commercial for it`s impact, the message was lost on me, and on Apple it seems. Since those commercials the PC has grown, and become as customizable as you`re imagination. You can walk into almost any store and grab upgrade parts off the shelf, add any number of add on cards, replace parts, and create a completely customized computer. Yet, you can`t say the same for Apple products, which seem to all come in white, black, and metal grey how 1984. (You can see the Apple 1984 commercial at the bottom of the article). 
Now I do own some Apple products which I love, those being my iPods, but I use MediaMonkey with them not iTunes, which makes a huge difference. 

Well the idea that XBMC will run on a (Jailbroken) AppleTV, is something that might have me buying more Apple products. The AppleTV retails for $119 (CDN), which is the average price for a media player today. But, so far, no media players available on the market can run XBMC software, with the exception of the $199(CDN) Boxee. For those unfamiliar with XBMC, well let me tell you it is the best software ever designed for the home theater market. It allows you to do so much more than just watch movies (in 1080p), see pictures, and play music. With XBMC you can download movie information, or TV episode information, just like reading the back of a DVD (not sure how many know how useful this is, for movies you may have downloaded, yet know nothing about). You can also download cover art for all you're movies, all this and more, right from you're remote. 

Keep reading if you want to see the video of XBMC on the AppleTV, If you're interested in learning how-to do this then check out the link for Engadget below.


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