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Jinxed Myself

Remember that blog entry I did a little ways back, that went on to talk about how safe the internet was? Well the internet is still just as safe, but I did manage to get my PayPal account banned. So what exactly did I do to get my account banned, well I'm not sure either, but I'll explain my story, and maybe someone can suggest some things I can do to rectify this problem.

So a few months ago, a friend of mine asked me to purchase something for him on EBay, he doesn't have a PayPal account, so I said sure. I purchased the item for him, and proceeded to pay for the item through PayPal, like I normally do, nothing weird or strange so far. As with all PayPal/Ebay purchases, I receive e-mail confirmation saying the item had been purchased and my credit card was billed $17.65. The next day I received another email referring to a billing of my credit card for $15.00, which I thought was weird, however it's happened before. This is where things get a little strange. In the past, I've had vendors overcharge for shipping, and what happens is they often refund you're purchase and then re-charge you're purchase, and that is what I believed happened. I thought maybe there was some currency error or shipping weight error, and the vendor re-charged the item at the lesser amount. It's happened before, so I wasn't at all worried. The next day however, I receive this email from PayPal

We need your help


We need your help resolving an issue with your account. To give us time to
work together on this, we've temporarily limited what you can do with your
account until the issue is resolved.

We understand it may be frustrating not to have full access to your PayPal
account. We want to work with you to get your account back to normal as
quickly as possible.

What's the problem?

We want to check with you to make sure that no one has logged in to your
account without your permission.

Please take a moment to change your password and create new security
questions. You should also take a look at your account information and
recent transactions. Make sure that your account information (address,
phone number, etc.) hasn't changed and that you recognize all of your
recent transactions.

If you see a payment that you don't recognize, let us know by going to the
Resolution Center. Click "Dispute a Transaction" to report an unauthorized


How you can help

It's usually pretty easy to take care of things like this. Most of the
time, we just need a little more information about your account or latest

To help us with this and to find out what you can and can't do with your
account until the issue is resolved, log in to your account and go to the
Resolution Centre.

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you
will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account
and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.

Copyright © 1999-2010 PayPal. All rights reserved.
Fair enough, so I log into my PayPal account, and realize that the $15 transaction wasn't made by the EBay merchant. I quickly file a claim against the $15 transaction, stating that I wasn't aware of this purchase. While I'm logged into PayPal, I decide to change my password, just in case it was compromised. Two weeks later I get an email from PayPal informing me that, after their investigation, they concluded that the mysterious transaction will be reversed.  No other explanation was given.

So here is where the problems start, because you see, even though I changed my password and made a claim against an unwarranted transaction, PayPal, still doesn't believe, I'm who I say I am, and my account is still limited (ie banned). According to PayPal, I need to prove, to them, that I am in fact, the owner of this account. So how am I supposed to do that? 

For the past few weeks, I've been waiting for a clever individual at PayPal to figure this out, so why don't we try to figure it out for them? PayPal has my email information, my billing/mailing address, they also have my credit cards on file, and my bank account information. So if all the products bought are being sent to my address, and all the bills are being paid by my credit cards, and my credit cards billing statements are being sent to my address, and I'm paying all my bills, then mathematically we can deduct that I live at my address. Now lets say for some strange reason, math no longer exists as we know it, well then, lets use some logic shall we. If I stole this account, why the F@#$ would I be paying the bills? Wouldn't I just run up a huge tab and say screw you buddy? It makes no sense, no transactions have been made on this account since, and I haven't put a stop on any of the credit cards.

I've made a few attempts to email PayPal to resolve this issue, and possibly get some insight as to how this mysterious transaction happened to find its way onto my account in the first place. Yet, all my attempts have been answered by automated emails, thanking me for my comments and that I'd be better suited, to obtain help directly from the PayPal help site.

Well if anyone can make some suggestions as to how to resolve this, I'd love to hear from you, so make as many comments as you'd like.


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