Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kitt-in Box

Cats, gotta love them.  I love mine, but sometimes they tend to drive you a little bonkers, I'm sure all you cat owners out there can relate.  What is it with cats, and computer desks? It is like clockwork. As soon as you sit down to work on your computer, there they are, wanting some loving.  My little boy, Tuxedo, is infamous for wanting loving and attention.  He doesn't sit on my keyboard, but he tends to sit directly in front of the monitor and starts head butting me until I give him at least 5 minutes, or more, of uninterrupted snuggles! After that, he just plops himself on the desk and expects me to work around him.  Really...

Tuxedo - AKA Bandito
Here's a solution.  The Kitt-In Box ($29.95 US) is a wooden box which attaches to the side of your desk or can sit on your  desk.  Built to hold up to 20lbs, with its high walls, cushion and nesting feel, it is purrrfect for laying in.


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