Saturday, January 29, 2011

Next Generation Of Advertising

(picture of actual electroluminescent display: click for preview)
The next generation of advertising isn't going to be coming from the creative minds of the Advertising, Marketing, and Media alumni. Nope this next phase of advertising is being developed by scientists, who are pushing the boundaries of eCoupling, Induction, and Electroluminescent materials.

Some of the more dedicated mass-imo followers will already be familiar with electricity via induction, which is the process of transmitting electricity from one object to another without the use of wires. However eCoupling is a new technology combining electrical induction with low power micro-controllers that allow data exchange. So what exactly does that mean? By adding eCoupling to a retail display rack (like at you're favorite supermarket) then outfitting products with tags (similar to rfid used in paypass credit cards) you can have total inventory control. You can know what is being sold, when, and how quickly it sells out. However when you combine that same technology with Electroluminescents, well then now you've got a party going on. Electroluminescent materials light up, when exposed to electricity, so when you start creating retail packaging with these materials, you get a whole new way to show off you're products, thanks to the electrical induction.

I know by now, some of you are scratching you're heads thinking, what the heck is this guy talking about. Well if you click on the picture at the top, you should get a good idea of what I'm trying to say. If not well check out the videos...


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