Friday, February 4, 2011

Custom M&M's

Did you know you can custom order m&m's? Until recently I didn't, and when I went to find out more I was totally shocked. You can get m&m's personalized with your favorite NFL, MLB, and NBA team logo's and colors. Not a sports fan, well there's Disney characters too. Got a wedding to plan, or a business advertising campaign, yup you guessed it they got m&m's for that too.

The personalization process is pretty simple, first head on over to my m&m's website. From there you can begin personalization by selecting a theme or jump straight into picking colors. They got a lot of colors to choose from.

Next step is uploading an image or selecting from pre-made clipart images, or you could just enter whatever text you want you're m&m's to display (18 character limit). Then select the quantity and style of packaging. There are so many combinations, I couldn't possibly begin to get all the prices or variations, so if you got some time, head on over and check them out. 

Valentine's is coming soon, and my m&m's has got all kinds of cool and romantic gift ideas.


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