Friday, February 25, 2011

HD Waterproof Camera

A while back I wrote a rant article about my experiences driving in BC (available here). Well not long ago, while going out for lunch with a friend of mine, I narrowly avoided an accident, and my friend jokingly made a reference to my 'Driving In BC' article. As we discussed what we had seen during the point when our lives flashed before our eyes, my friend came up with great idea. His idea, was that I should mount a video camera on top of my truck, and record all the trips I take. Then upload them to my site, so everyone can see, what kind of crazy drivers we have here in BC. As we discussed this idea further over lunch, we realized, there were to many obstacles to overcome in mounting a video camera on my truck. Well I just came across, what might be a product that overcomes most of those obstacles. It's called the Poseidon, and it's a HD capable waterproof video camera.

Available from Chinavasion the Poseidon sells for $104(CDN) + s/h, if you're interested in getting one click here. It was originally intended to be mounted to a helmet for recording extreme sports, which makes it perfect for mounting outside my truck. Able to record in 720p HD to any SD card (32GB capacity max.) at 30fps, with playback through a standard composite A/V jack, through a build in HDMI jack, or transferred via USB. With various mounting options, using the included velcro straps, the car mount, or the bicycle handlebar mount. Waterproof (up to 10 meters) so you know it could survive a day at the beach just as well as a day subjected to Vancouver rains. Other miscellaneous features include Laser sight for accurate placement, built in microphone, and a remote control. Now I only need to find a way to run some power up to my roof rack, and we might be seeing a new segment here on this blog. 

I got so many more picture so keep reading to see them...


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