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Healthy Pet P-Pod Clumping Cat Litter

Those of you who follow this blog may have figured out that I have cats, two to be exact.  Currently I have a visiting cat, my sisters, and I seem to be experiencing some rebelliousness from her when it comes to the litter box.  At first I thought she was just displaying how unhappy she was staying here in a small condo with two other cats, until my sister suggested maybe it was my brand of litter she didn't like.  Can you imagine, the princess cat doesn't like my litter?

Currently I have been using a pellet like litter, such as the one you find here, which breaks down into sawdust like material once it has been used. I switched to this type of litter because one of my cats, Willow, was developing respiratory issues from the dust created from traditional clumping clay based litters. I did try various types of litter, but I found that I personally didn't like them for one reason or another, so I settled on the pellet style littler, until the other day.

There is a new product out on the market called Healthy Pet P-Pod Clumping Cat Litter. It's a naturally clumping kitty litter made from proprietary blend of plant fiber with a hint of mint. Here is a little info I scooped from Amazon on this product:
  • Naturally clumping cat litter.
  • Absorbs more than three times its weight in liquids.
  • Formulated to create lightweight, easy-to-scoop clumps.
  • Lightweight consistency makes it less likely to stick or get in your cat’s paws.
  • Powerful plant enzymes work to destroy ammonia odor.
  • 99.98% Dust-free.
  • 100% Natural and chemical free.
  • Free from harmful crystalline silica.
  • 15 Lb. bag.
It has been a day and half, and I am happy to report that the princess, Tanga, is happy and using her litter box regularly.  In fact, I think my cats have been using her litter box more than their own! Maybe they're trying to tell me something.


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