Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Double Duty Oven - Samsung Flex Oven

Finally, a commercial style oven for the home! If any of you have worked in a bakery or a kitchen, you may have come across their awesome deck ovens.  It is sort of like having five or so separate ovens in one. These ovens are convenience when you are making a slew of things which require different cooking/baking times and temperatures. 
The Samsung Flex Oven is sort of like a deck oven. It may not have the capacity for five separate ovens but it does for two. The bonus is that the second oven is not a permanent option. The Flex Oven has a removable divider that when slid into place creates an upper 2.6 cubic foot oven and a lower 3.1 cubic foot oven.  Each comes equipt with its own controls and convection fan.  For added convenience, the removable divider stores in the warming drawer under the oven when not in use.


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