Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fearless Raw Organic Chocolate

Good chocolate is hard to come by unless you spend a fortune on it. Being a chocoholic, I cannot go one day without having any. Considering how much chocolate I eat, I could not imaging spending almost $5.00 on a 3.5oz Lindt chocolate bar, or paying $3.50 for a 2.5oz Rogers Chocolates bar. When I came across an article on Fearless raw organic chocolate, I realized that there is chocolate bar I would be willing to spend money on. Not on a regular basis of course, but at least to try the product!
So what is so great about this chocolate? Well, lately you tend to hear how chocolate can be good for you. Fearless chocolate is 100% Kosher, dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free, and uses mineral rich unrefined whole sugar. It also uses Brazilian Cocoa beans which were crafted to contain two to three times more antioxidants than traditional organic chocolates. Aside from how it is made, the company is socially responsible by donating 1% of the company's profits to a consumer chosen organization called "changemakers." Fearless uses a "bite" in their packaging to represent this donation.

In addition to being socially responsible in a financial aspect, Fearless is responsible in an environmental way as well. These decidate chocolate bars are packed in 100% recycled paper which bio-degrades in 6 months.

Flavors include Match Green Tea & Peppermint, Sweet and Hot Hibiscus Ginger, Super Seed (Hemp, Chia, Flax), Dark as Midnight and Exploding Coconuts. The bars sell for $5.00 individually or $55.00 per box of 11 bars. With the Canadian dollar being above par, how can you really go wrong?