Thursday, March 17, 2011

HCC Facility Renewal Open House

Not sure how many people know this, but besides my jobs, and this site, I also volunteer my time at the Hastings Community Association, which assists the Vancouver Parks Board in running the Hastings Community Centre. I've been volunteering my time for over 15 years now, at various Community Centre locations on the East Side of Vancouver. So why am I telling everyone about this? Well because Hastings has been nominated for renewal by the City Of Vancouver, in it's next capital plan, and I've been selected to sit on the building committee for this project (my third capital plan project). Based on a number of variables, the building committee has come up with a design that they would like to put forward for consideration. However before we can go forward with this design, we need people to review the design and give their feedback. 

This is where all readers can help, by commenting on the proposed designs, or by attending the Hastings renewal open house. 

All the detail about the upcoming open house can be found below, with drawings.

By: Mass


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