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ShopKeep For iPad

Finally, an application that integrates the functionality, and ease of use of the iPad, into a practical business solution. The way ShopKeep has transformed the iPad into a touch sensitive point of sales terminal, complete with receipt printing and fully functional cash drawer, is a stroke of genius in my mind. 

I wish I had something like this back when I was offering on-site computer repair services. My biggest frustrations back then was invoicing, how easy it would have made my life to just invoice customers directly while on-site. I'm sure many of you trades people out there can relate, and if so, head on over to the ShopKeep website, and see what they can do for you.

I went to the ShopKeep site earlier today, and was instantly in contact with a service representative, via the sites instant chat feature. It was so great to get all my questions answered instantly by an actual person, rather than the standard robots so often found on the end of tech support.

Oh by the way, love their colors too!! Keep reading for the rest of the pictures and video clips...

iPad Stand

Star Receipt Printer

Posiflex cash Drawer

ShopKeep's iPad Point Of Sale

ShopKeep being used at Columbia University's Joe


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