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FYI: World Population Growth

Via - Only Infographic By: Mass


Check out this clever invention that fills and ties water balloons. For anyone who's serious about their water ballooning, how could you go wrong. Vat19 has them on sale for $9.95(US) + S/H. Check out how easy the Tie-Not is to use... Via - RandomGoodStuff By: Mass

Ad: Budweiser

Budwieser the King Of Beers, is attempting to bring two of the greatest passions know to men, together in one harmonious project. The project is called 'Poolball' and this concept comes from combining the love for nightlife with the love for soccer/football. Never mind me trying to explain it, just watch the clip... Via - Ads of the World™ By: Mass

Ad: Flipkart

Here's a pretty self explanatory video created by Happy Creative of Bangalore, India. Via - Ads of the World™ By: Mass

Ad: Fallsview Casino Resort

Here's a Canadian ad from Blammo  (Toronto), inspiring people to try their luck at the Fallsview Casino Resort, where anyone can get lucky... Via - Ads of the World™ By: Mass

Ad: Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

I've already posted an article about Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, so there isn't very much you're going to learn from this commercial that hasn't already been said. What you will learn however, is that Arnold Worldwide was the agency hired to create this commercial ad for Jack Daniels. What's sort of cool about this video, is the tron-esc flair found on the star of this video, but if you're already tron'd out, then you're probably not going to like this video. It's only 31 seconds long so either way, not the big of a deal... Via - Ads of the World™ By: Mass

Edox X-Treme Pilot III

EDOX  is the official timekeeper for the FIA World Rally Championships, and this June 2011 they will be releasing the X-treme Pilot III. The rally inspired X-treme Pilot III has wheel rims embossed on the case-back, oversize push-piece in anodised aluminium and a tachymeter scale on the dial, and of course most noticeable the black/green colour scheme. Seeing as this watch is a special edition, you'll have to be one of the first 1000 people with $2,600(CAD). Unfortunately besides the picture above, and a few details from a spec sheets, not much else is know. However since this watch is based on the Chronorally series of watches made by EDOX, I do have a video of that watch, which will give you an idea of what's to come Via - AcquireMag By: Mass

New Movie Releases

By: Mass The Arbor Release Date: April 27, 2011 (NY; LA release: May 13) Studio: Strand Releasing Director: Clio Barnard Screenwriter: Clio Barnard Starring: Kate Rutter, Christine Bottomley, George Costigan Genre: Biography, Documentary MPAA Rating: Not Available Plot Summary: Wildly successful and dead by age 29, British playwright Andrea Dunbar (1961-1990) wrote the screenplay for "Rita, Sue and Bob Too!" based on her own hardscrabble life. Roger Ebert, writing about the film in 1987: "An angry comedy... If it were an American film, it would be an R-rated sex romp without a brain in its head, a soft-core baby-sitter saga... But this is a movie about two tough, deprived girls... and an irresponsible feather-brained adult who thinks he's taking advantage of them, when in fact they're a whole lot more worldly and cynical than he is." "The Arbor" revisits this material through a innovative technique known as verbatim theater: actors lip-synching doc

Brooks PureProject Collection

Later this year Brooks  will be releasing a new line of performance running shoes dubbed the PureProject collection. From first glance, any self respecting follower of my blog, will see why I choose to feature them, however besides the obvious, this new collection has been designed from the ground up to create a more stable and natural running experience. The PureProject collection will actually be made up of four individual styles catering to runner preferences. Via - AcquireMag By: Mass

Released To Video

By: Mass Blood Out Bunny & The Bull Chawz Dinoshark Human Planet Jolene Knockout Looking for Fidel Mongolian Death Worm Muay Thai Giant President's Book of Secrets Sacrifice Sniper: Reloaded Student Services Summer Eleven The Universe: The Complete Series Megaset DVD