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Easter - Coloured Chicks

Living in a multicultural country, where customs, beliefs, and religions often meld together without conscious thought, you might find yourself wondering why things are as they are. Throughout history the egg (chicken, or otherwise) has often symbolized rebirth, so it`s no wonder that it`s been officially adopted as the symbol for Easter in North America. Easter, for some, has strong ties to religion, marking the day Jesus was resurrected,  for others, it commemorates the story of the Exodus, where Israelites were freed from slavery, and for many it`s merely a time to celebrate spring, and it's new harvests.

Regardless of it`s humble beginnings, the commercialization of Easter has brought about such items as chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, creme filled eggs, jelly beans, Peeps, and now... coloured chicks? I've never seen these before, yet upon researching, I've learned that until recent banning, this process of colouring chicks was routinely preformed here in North America. So for the rest of you, like me, whom have never seen these coloured chicks before, here are a few pictures and videos all of which seem to be originating from somewhere in Asia, where chicks like these are sold as pets.
Now I'm not exactly sure how this process is achieved, however from most articles I've read, it seems a vegetable based food dye, is injected into the chicken egg, while its in the embryo stage. Once the chicks hatch they retain the colour of the injected dye, however with time, the new feathers that grow in return to normal and are colourless.
(Post you're comments on how you feel about this)


By: Mass


  1. Its not hurting the chicks so its ok!

  2. It makes people buy them just because it's cute. When the chicks grow and are not cute anymore, most people won't take care of them any more.


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