Monday, April 11, 2011


Form over function, is all I can say about this next post, as it closely borders on being deemed unacceptable material for this site. Incognito creates adult minded transformers, that appear to be jewelry, yet disguises the items alternate use, adult pleasure toys.
An intimate accessories brand, INCOQNITO creates discreet, high quality instruments of pleasure. At first glance, many of the items are elegant pieces of jewellery handcrafted with fine materials. Specially designed for use at your own discretion, these items are also objects to enhance your sexual pleasure. Daytime wear gracefully evolves into nighttime arousal, each item in our collection alludes to a different evocative experience.
Indulge in your own sensual secret with INCOQNITO.
 To see all the products available continue reading, for prices and purchasing locations click the Incognito link above...

Droplet Necklace

A pair of discreet nipple vibrators on a 43” stainless steel chain fashioned from fine metals allows for the ultimate lustful experience.

Leather Handcuffs
Stylish cuff bracelets crafted from fine leather double as handcuffs for a dose of risqué fun.

Blade Necklace II
Make a bold statement with this daring blade sculpted from hand cut glass for use as an instrument for sensation.

Lambskin Tassels
Hidden underneath your everyday wear, these lambskin tassels are your own stealthy secret.

Leather Tassles
Nipple adornments made from genuine cow leather.

A sexy neck accessory that can also be used as an adjustable leash for sensual control of your partner.

Adjustable C-ring is worn on the shaft of the penis during intercourse. Smoke is an innovative adjustable C-ring made of smoky quartz beads chained around a firm elastic band. It is designed to be worn on the base of the penis. The beads are 12-14mm in diameter can accomodate girths of all sizes. When worn properly the ring should slightly increase the size of the penis and intensify sensation.

Lash Belt
An adjustable belt that transforms in to a sexy whip.

Razor contains two of the most popular instruments for sensation - a claw and pinwheel. These tools can be used separately to create a variety of sensations depending on the pressure applied, or together for a more intense feeling. 


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