Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LED Park Bench

Own you're own LED Park Bench for a mere $6,500(US) + $250(US) Shipping. Unfortunately they're out of stock, and have been for a while. I was waiting until they became available again to post this, but I'm tired of waiting, so if you just need to have this, then sign up on the waitlist. Need more information before you decide, well here are the details...
This innovative LED furniture is remote controlled and glows in several colors. The remote control (included) allows you to rotate through the gorgeous LED colors at a preprogrammed speed (you choose speed via remote control) or you can elect to have a particular color illuminate steadily. Hundreds of colors can be created as the remote control allows you to mix colors. A 3-meter power cord must be plugged into an electrical outlet (95 watt, non-heat lighting). The LED furniture can be used indoors or outdoors as it is totally weather-resistant.
Multiple benches can be easily synchronized in order to have all benches display the same LED colors at the same time. Also, the benches use DMX-based remote control systems, which allows them to synchronize with your home sound systems or lighting systems.
- No sales tax (only Florida residents must pay sales tax)
- $250 shipping
- 12 week shipping
- International shipping is available for this LED furniture
- Please contact us if express shipping is needed
- Made of stainless steel base, weather resistant acrylic seat
- Height ( 32.5")
- Width ( 71")
- Depth ( 23.5")
- 1 year warranty
- 3 day return period ( 25% restocking fee)
Now I can't figure out where anyone would find the place to put this, but obviously there is a demand. As always here are some more pictures...


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