Friday, April 8, 2011

Van Sticky Clothing Company

I just got word (yesterday), from Van Sticky Clothing Company, that their brand new line of merchandise will be hitting stores today. What better way to celebrate the 125th birthday of the greatest city in the world, than showing you're pride and grabbing some of these killer pieces of clothing. But you better hurry, with limited quantities and styles, these are going to sell out fast. So where can you find Van Sticky Gear? You're best bet is to head up to Metrotown Mall, go visit the great guys at East Side Urban Wear and see if they got anything left. Now if all the Van Sticky Merchandise gets sold out, and you still want to show your support, then email them directly, you might get lucky, if not, at least you'll get put on the wait-list for the next batch. Here's a look at all the great stuff... (remember some styles come in limited edition colors, so act fast)

Baseball Cap (New Era)

Military Cap

Ladies V-Neck

Ladies Tee

Mens T (Version 1)


Mens T (Version 2)


Mens Zip Hoody

Mens Pull-Over Hoodie

Mens Long Sleeve 

Skull Cap Beenie

By: Mass


  1. how to order do you delliver to edmonton????

  2. Check out their Facebook page ( they should be able to arrange something.